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Welcome to Beyond The Click! We are not your average digital marketing agency, whom uses generic call-to-actions to grab your attention. Instead, Beyond The Click is made up of a team of intelligent digital marketers, web & app developers, graphic designers, analytical experts, strategists and many more. Our goal is to offer you the best digital and technological solutions that is geared to making your business run smoothly.

Our Approach


Let’s talk! Before we even get to the good stuff, lets chat about your business, industry and more. Help us understand your vision, mission, and ultimately what you trying to achieve.


Once we understand more about your business, we will share our expert opinion on the way forward. That is, which platforms you should be on, how you should approach the platforms and many more.

Strategy and Costings

At this stage, you and our team would have come to an agreement on the way forward. Based on the information shared in the consultation, your digital strategy will be prepared along with cost estimates that are tailored to your budget

Weekly Catch-Ups

Look, marketing is not static as it was many years ago! While our competitors wait 30 days to report back to their clients, we spend 15-20 minutes once a week to ensure that your campaigns are performing optimally, and that any changes in the digital and greater economy are discussed and plans put in place to steer all efforts in the right direction.

Intelligent Digital Solutions For Your Business

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Social Media Advertising

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Content Creation

Graphic Design

Strategy Development

Digital Consulting

Search Engine Optimisation

Data and Analytics

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Web Development and Design

App Development and Design

Beyond The Click Lab

As the forward thinkers that we are, we knew that Artificial Intelligence would make some waves! That’s why, we created “Beyond The Click Lab”! The lab is geared towards developing Artificial Intelligence programs that will help businesses grow their bottom-line or improve operations, and what technology we should streamline in our service offering.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine mimicry of human intelligence; learning, reasoning, problem-solving.

Machine Learning

Computers learn patterns to make decisions or predictions autonomously.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Overlay digital content onto real-world environment via devices.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Immersive digital simulation of reality; interactive 3D environment.

Why Choose Beyond The Click?

Have you noticed that we did not use a single generic call-to-action like “let us increase your sales or leads, “get more leads”, “increase more conversions” and the likes on this page (yes, we know the ads which punt these annoy you, as they annoy us as well)?  You probably wondering why, so let us explain briefly.  

You see, while digital marketing is geared to helping your business grow in different ways, the process at which it happens depends on several factors like economic activity, competition, industry trends and many more. These call-to-actions create false expectations that the sudden influx of leads and sales will happen in a short space of time once your online campaigns are activated.  We want to stress this isn’t true.  Digital marketing is an art that requires patience, resilience, creativity, and the constant need to persevere for success.  

The team at Beyond The Click does not only possess the digital skills required, but they also possess the attributes mentioned above and many more. So, choose us to manage your digital marketing and get rid of the false expectations which bombards your social media feed.

Our Clients

One-Page Website Designs

Elevate your online presence with our expertly crafted designs that blend creativity and functionality seamlessly.
Explore the art of first impressions – click below to witness the magic of our landing page creations.

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Multi-Page Website Designs

Step into the realm of innovative web design with us. Our websites are crafted to captivate, navigate, and elevate your online presence. Explore the intersection of aesthetics and functionality as we redefine digital experiences. Click below to embark on a journey through our portfolio of meticulously designed websites.

Clicking on a logo will redirect you to the corresponding finished project.

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Beyond The Click is proud to announce its partnership with Splash Host to bring you exclusive rates for website hosting.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure reliable hosting services starting at just R250.

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Are You Ready For Intelligent Digital Solutions?

As you can see, we work with well-established companies. Our goal at Beyond The Click is to work with business owners, executives, managing directors and marketers who understand marketing and business science and what the capabilities and limitations of digital marketing are.
We understand that there could be hesitation on your side. Its not easy spending your hard-earned money on a provider just like that. So here’s our offer to you. Bring us on-board for 30 days and if you not happy you can cancel the agreement without any red-tape. By working with us for 30 days you can see how:

We Think

We Deploy

We Communicate

We Manage Our Relationship With You

Consistent We Are

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